22 January 2009

Bet you thought there would be no post tonight, either.

But you were wrong! There is a post, even though I really don't feel like doing one. I'm still sick and/or allergy-y. Based on my symptoms--congestion, aches, general discomfort, crabbiness, the general sleepiness that comes with congestion, and extreme thirst--Vytas thinks that I might have the flu. I had always equated the flu with stomach issues like nausea and the inability to keep food down. Either way, I do know that allergy medicine is doing nothing, cold medicine is doing nothing, and decongestants are doing nothing. And I still feel awful.

But enough about me! Time to talk about stuff I've made, which to avoid getting things all germy, is really nothing new. I am sad to report that one of the nine new Monsters had a tragic fall followed by a tragic getting stepped on. He is beyond repair and got chucked.

Tonight's new post is one of the surviving Timid Monsters.
David enjoys eating kittens, supergluing silverware to the ceiling, disinfecting the refridgerator. He does not like sporting events, jigsaw puzzles, or cheese slicers. David sometimes wonders about the bigger picture, but that can be overwhelming.

And per usual, he is available at http://www.trishczech.etsy.com/!

Hopefully before too long I will begin making real arts again and shall have them posted and discussed.

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