17 February 2009

More Monsters

Hey, they are what's selling right now. Don't worry though. I'm getting antsy to do some real art. And my room is nearly cleaned up again--it's bound to happen.

Cecil is not much of a stand-up-and-fight Monster. In fact, when his fight-or-flight instinct kicks in, he always finds himself flighting. Still Cecil tries to make the most of things, often lazing about in the refridgerator or sprinkling vinegar on ham. For sale at [link]

Jessica the Timid Monster wants to be alone much of the time. She finds herself, however, the center of much Monster attention. What with her perfect, sleek horns, long groomed nails, and sparkly personality--every Monster wants to take her home to meet mom and dad. For sale at [link]
Wally enjoys fishing in puddles, lying in wait to ambush remote controls, and fingerprinting walruses. His favorite meal is steamed coconut with a lemon-merangue wine sauce. Wally tends to be intimidated by pistachios, breath mints, and modern art. For sale at [link]

Gloria the Timid Monster is afraid of rain ponchos, incendiary devices, quail, and gingivitis. She longs for the simpler days, when up was up and Monsters were brave. Gloria likes to imagine she is a brave Monster of olden days and often talks tough in front of her stuffed animals. For sale at [link]

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