01 March 2009

I am not sure what happened. My arting room was nearly clean. VERY nearly clean. And now. Now.... well, let's just say that in order to do anything that has any degree of productivity, I will have to clean first. So I think today will be my cleaning day.

I might (I hope to) get around to doodling/drawing over an entire page in an art journal with a black, liquid-y pen. I would like to coat it in serious, semi-serious and not at all serious drawings/sketches and then cut it up into ATC/ACEOs to sell for a low price. Maybe 3-4$. We will see.

It would be good practice for me to make myself draw again, it would be me actually drawing, and! I wouldn't be able to say, "Yeah, but I could be making Monsters to sell instead." With any luck, I will be posting a quick scan of a page of doodles/sketches later today. Can't you just wait!?

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  1. Good idea re the drawing...I need to make myself do the same thing...look forward to seeing your results...


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