31 March 2009

Last one today, I promise.

This will be my last post today. I promise. Then tomorrow I will have more.

This has been done for a bit over a week. I was just too lazy to take pictures, process them, and post. And I couldn't decide on a name. The next in my series of trapped Timid Monsters is Rafael. I LOVE to fly kites and just new I had to make a Monster flying one. And everyone knows the best place to fly is the beach--no trees, no powerlines, plenty of wind.

I found Rafael on an Atlantic beach flying a small kite that appears to made of old matchsticks and a bit of tissue paper. The tide was coming in and he was too involved with his kite so notice, so I scooped him up in this jar. Ever since he has seemed content. As far I know, the only things that frighten Rafael are bookmarks, dustbunnies, and leotards.


Leave a comment. Or else. Wait, does that sound too threatening? Let me try again. Leave a comment or you'll never see little Mildred again. Yeah. That's better.