28 April 2009

And with that I need to shower because I am running extremely late

Gerard the Timid Monster believes he is the luckiest Monster alive. Once he found a lime rind that was shaped like New Hampshire. Another time he fell down a flight of stairs and landed on a banana peel stuffed with hay. Gerard is only afraid that some day his luck might run out.
Lorenzo like to fill empty milk jugs with mud and olive oil. His favorite passtime is squeezing marshmallows, and his favorite meal is onion rings dipped in jam. Lorenzo is afraid of candles, igloos, and marigolds.
Reginald does not think this plan was thought out very well or that it will work. He suggests, instead, that you use q-tips soaked in vinegar to dislodge the strawberry from the clothespin. Reginald doens't like when his advice is ignored and fears the worst.

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