02 April 2009

Here is a photo I posted for sale and on DA yesterday. I am terrible at naming art and photography. It is as though I have no imagination and default to just listing the subject(s). For example, I wanted to name this "Sunflower Sprout," but really? So I begrudgingly named it "Emerging" and don't like it.

Similarly, for the past photos of "Organic Flames," "Rusty Wind," "To the top," and "After the Winter," I would have rather named them "New Rose Leaves," "Windchime," "Little Green Moth," and "Dead Seed Pods" respectively. But I stupidly feel pressured into coming up with artistic names like other photoraphers on both DA and on Etsy. Anyway, here is "Emerging."

I have the same problem when it comes to naming jewelry. Other people come up with names that you can't help but say, "Yeah... that really works," when you look at the piece. Not me! Here we have "Ziosite Rounds." I bet you can't guess what sort of stone it is.

This one I must admit I do like. In a fit of inspiration, I named this next pair "Black and Tans," after one of Vytas's favorite drinks. I can't remember, however, if the Guinness is the top beer or if the... tan... is the top beer. But, to ruin the surprise, I have another similar pair that I made only with different ear wires and the stones flipped. Those I named "Rootbeer Floats" because I knew the icecream floats on top. But without more babbling, here are "Black and Tans." The are made with squared/cubed soapstone.
Every once in a while, when I am determined to get work done and make about 800 regular Monsters, 50 minis, 130 themed, and about 89 jar habitats, I find myself either cleaning and/or making other things. Like jewelry. More specifically, like the nine pairs of earrings I made in the wee hours of the night/morning.

Stevie tells me it is because my brain is burned out from Monster making and is steering me into other things until it recovers. If you ask me, though, it always picks the worst times. I wanted to get a few more solo Easter Monsters up and start working on ideas for May--Mommy and Me Monsters and Graduation Monsters. Maybe even Wedding Week Monsters. We'll have to wait and see if I can make myself focus again.

(Oh! and I finally realized I could also link photos! So from now on, barring my incredible laziness in such matters, I shall try to link photos of things for sale to the Etsy shop they are in so you don't have to guess which shop its in. Though most are pretty self-evident.)

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