05 May 2009

Goodness today will be busy

My friend Stevie from Chicagolandia is arriving today. She is flying into JFK airport and is landing at about 3:40. It is one of three major airports in the area, and the only one I've never had to collect someone from. As usual, it being someplace new I've never been that I have to travel to alone, I am quite anxious about it all.

But! It will mean Stevie is here!

And we will play WoW, and do art, and make business cards for me, and other promotional things for me, and watch movies, and play Katamari, and go all about New York, and I wish it weren't raining again today.

Before I leave, however, I have quite the list of things to tackle and try to get out of the way. I have 2 commissions; one I've been procrastinating that I really need to get done as soon as possible; the other I just got last night, shouldn't be hard, but needs to go out in time for Mother's Day which I realized was THIS weekend, not the next just moments ago.

I also have a bit of last minute tidying. It would be great to get the few dishes done, to clear off my copilot desk so she has room to set up. I have also been working on something rather top secret that, with any luck, will be debuting at the art festival. I want to have it ready to send to print by tonight otherwise it might not come in time. I also have my "morning" pages for the Artist's Way I'm participating in, and I need to shower. And I only have a few hours.

Granted, some I could do after I collect her, but I don't know how late it will be or how long all the public transit will take what with rush hour... Vytas will be beating me home so maybe he can do things like the dishes and such.

Well I guess enough babble here, I just wanted to give a bit of an update on where I've been--mostly busy making things, not really posting, and getting ready for that art festival.

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