30 June 2009


A lot of not making or posting things has been happening. My mom (she did comment about the naked old man with bits on my desk) and dad (he mostly stayed out of my room) were visiting all last week. They stayed with us and generally disrupted our day-to-day routines; but hey! that's what house guests do. And we did get a free, new mattress out of it and countless free meals out, so I really cannot complain at all.

While they were in I taught (or at least did a thorough demonstration for her) my mom how to transfer pictures from her camera to the computer. She still had pictures on her camera from when she was out last September. I have posted lots of pictures from that visit, this visit and lots of things in between--like my birthday/Christmas--on Facebook.

Also, while they were in Vytas got tickets to see David Hyde Pierce *sighs... what a dream boat* (Hey! Don't judge!) in Accent on Youth. It was great. I highly recommend it if you are in New York and wanting to see something on Broadway. However, if you just want to be a tourist and tell all your friends you saw something on Broadway and not have them go, "Oh, I've never heard of that, but how nice anyway," then I recommend going to see Wicked or The Lion King or South Pacific or Hairspray or any of that ilk.

But yeah, hey! New mattress! It is glorious. Almost as glorious and god-like as Edward Cullen.

By the way, my mom left me the first installment of Twilight to read so I could finally appease Stevie. I finished it in two days, shocked at the amount of white space on the pages and convinced the letter spacing had been increased. Anyway, I did not dislike it as much as anticipated, but it was still fairly painful at times. Like when the author peppered every sentence with at least seven adverbs and used the word "chagrin" at least three times a page.

But it was all worth it. Every word of it. Why? Because Stevie wanted me to read it so I could read Yes, I read it. It's still stupid., a blog of hysterical chapter recaps. I am actually looking forward to reading the next three so as to read the blog and be able to say, "Heheh, so true..." That's an understatement. If the author keeps it up, I will continue to struggle to not fall out of my chair and not wet myself from laughing so hard. And, if you like Venn diagrams....

What else is new? Um.. My gladiolas are blooming, we have oodles of green tomatoes, lots of tiny cucumbers, other yard updates that escape me at the moment, I sent veil samples home with my mom to give my sister, the bridesmaid dresses were in and my mom brought me mine, I haven't started that 12 panel series, Vytas made campsite reservations for a weekend in July, he started teaching summer school and a new term of grad school, and I have been obsessing about my gum line and whether or not it is receding.

Also, we've taken up tennis. Or are trying to at least. Tonight was our second time out. I feel like I was oodles better than the first time but am frustrated that I do not know ANYTHING about the game from how to score, to how to hold the racket or move about the court. All basic ground up things that I feel I ought to drill through until it is muscle memory. Basically, how I learned volleyball and badminton when I played. Endless hours of drills and hard practice that were well worth it when you could play not only competitively, but well. Vytas does not want to do drills. Or get better. That's not how you really learn a sport, says the one who never competed to the three-sport, high school athlete. Really? So I'm frustrated and not looking forward to learning tennis from utube videos and bad online illustrations.

Oh! and I wanted to share this picture of Benamis (Vytas's main) and Helvete (my main) taken in the Storm Peaks:

That would be me in the middle, an NPC name Brijana on the left, and Vytas on the right. Also, I now have the title of Flamekeeper as I completed all of the Midsummer achievements. I also gave in and bought the armored brown bear mount for 712 gold instead of waiting for my reputation to increase with the Kirin Tor and the price to decrease.

Pretty sure that is mostly what is new since I've been missing.

Ok, for those of you who follow my blog not to hear the boring details of my life and WoW addiction, but rather to see art and Timid Monsters that I create, I promise to post something fo reals yo tomorrow.

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