13 June 2009

What have I been up to?

Well, I haven't been posting terribly much here--well at least not until today. So what have I been up to? Mostly not putting as much new stuff up on Etsy as I ought to be. Vytas being at home is bad news. We are both on mostly backwards sleep schedules and feed off each others' laziness. That and we've been playing a lot of WoW. I mean A LOT. Before he let out of school I was at... 74? I think. I'm now 80. It's been about a week that we've been playing, which means we are monsters. And not of the Timid variety.

So! I have not yet done the 12 canvas wall art commission for my friend. The one I promised to have finished by the last week of May. I should really probably start that.

I have started my sister's veil. That's a bit of a plus. And it looks like I will be making longer samples of the close seed beads, the alternating seed beads and bugle beads and the ric-rac, and sending them to Chicago for her to examine in person. I will probably get started on those samples while at the laundromat tomorrow... later today... yeah...

And she confirmed it. Timid Monster cake toppers. AND Timid Monster wedding party favors in full dress. Meaning 9 girl Monsters in bridesmaid dresses that match ours. 9 boy Monsters in tuxes. A ring bearer, a flower girl, and... I think she is still deciding on the ushers and the greeters.

Also, I have a commission I am QUITE excited about coming up at the end of the month. It requires me to used a wire armature--something I've not done much in the past. So to get in some practice I am making this little weirdo.

And actually since taking his picture, I've given him a fantastic farmer's tan using a technique Stevie recently told me about using crushed soft pastels and a paint brush. He will have tall socks under sandals (maybe fuzzy house-slippers). Shorts that come up too high and go down too far. A white undershirt-tank top thing with suspenders--to show off the tan, and a cane. There will also be a little dog--I'm thinking beagle--that is not sitting. I'm SO pleased. I will post a back view later so you can see his sagging, square bum. Don't worry, Stevie, he will have bits before his clothes are added; I promise.

I also made adorable. I would post them now. This instant. Except I am still working on a name. To give you an idea of what it might be, some names I'm considering are: "Can I keep him?"; "Monster's Best Friend"; and "Just Me and My Elephant." Darn, I hope that last one didn't give it away. I am also trying to decide on pricing. I'll try to get them up tomorrow.

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