15 July 2009

Today's listings.

"Nautical" Haven't seen a seashell necklace in a while, have you? Thought I was done with these? Nope, just got behind in processing the photos. I finally decided that it has been long enough since the last time I posted any jewelry.
Ginger does not believe paintbrushes are as innocent as they let on. The other night she swears she saw one stealing a pickle out of the jar in the fridge. And last week, she caught one mixing cottage cheese with barbecue sauce. Ginger only uses spray paints.

"Zinnia" Creative, I know. I grew this little bit of pretty from a seed. It is one of two plants that sprouted from a rather old packet of seeds. I am hoping to be able to harvest some seeds for next year so that I can have more than two zinnia plants.

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