29 November 2009

I just haven't been having the drive to post here.

But hopefully I will get past that.

Ok, to start things out, here is a watermelon! I forgot to give him horns, so expect future Watermelon Monsters to have horns. Probably either green and vine-y or black. This hopefully marks the start of a series of fruit and vegetable Monsters. Maybe I'll aim for one new design a month.
The wild Watermelon Timid Monster has finally been caught. Indeed, this is the first time this elusive beast has been up for sale. The Watermelon Timid Monster is the perfect addition to a private collection of rare animals.

Next comes Christmas! This Timid Gingerbread Man was a suggestion made by MissBMcKay. It was too cute an idea to not make. Vytas came up with the idea of the bite mark. So really, other than the actual sculpting of this Monster, I had VERY little to do with it's concept and creation. You would be Timid, too--especially during the holiday season--if people were constantly trying to take bites out of you!

This last one only seems natural. I mostly came up with the idea of doing ornaments--though I dragged my feet about it long enough. Then it seemed like it would be cute to put a Santa hat on him.
Celebrate the holidays rather timidly with this Timid Monster Ornament.


  1. The gingerbread monster is adorable! And so is the ornament! How did you do the trim on his hat and pom ball? The look awesome!

  2. You wouldn't believe me if I told you how many attempts it took me to leave a comment on my own blog. And this after I took off having to enter in the squiggly, made-up nonsense words for verification, too!

    Anyway, I made the trim and pompom with the sharp end of an awl and lots of patience. It is not unlike how I make grass with super pointy tweezers. Lots of short quick stabbing until it just starts to look right.


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