01 December 2009

Wowee! Three posts in one night?!

Indeed. I have a happy/sad announcement. I have been offered a job at the new Bayonne Shoprite. It is official when I hand in my paperwork between the hours of 10a and 4p.

This is good news as I've now been applying for various work--at literally hundreds of places--for well over a year, and I finally got something. It is sad because this is the only place I've even heard back from. Yay! Bachelor of Arts in English with a writing emphasis and Bachelor of Arts in psychology! *sigh* Don't mind me, I'm still in the tail end of my pity party.

The really sad news is that as with everytime I've had fulltime work, I will have significantly less time to make things, post them to Etsy, and generally be amazing. (Hey! I'm trying to stop wallowing in my grocery retail goodness!) But since I've been working on a new website that I have yet to launch, and I keep feeling like I'm on the verge of something big and great, I am going to try to keep this up as full time as I have the energy for.

That is all. Oh. And if my camera battery ever finishes recharging, expect a fourth post with pictures of two more finished commissions.

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