27 April 2010

Timid Monsters (dot com)

Considering the amount and duration of the rain on Sunday, the show in Summit went rather well. As always, my Monsters were the star of my booth. However, I was excited to see a bit more interest in my jewelry this time around.

I spent most of yesterday and most of what I've been awake for today processing photos and posting things to my neglected website. Here are a few of my favorite new Monsters.
Sandra the Timid Monster is disliked by many of the other Monsters. They think she is a bossy know-it-all. Sandra, however, feels she is misunderstood and just doesn’t know how to assert herself without coming across as aggressive. Sandra is afraid no one will want to be friends with her. She is also afraid of most squash.
Inga the Timid Monster lays awake at night worrying that the stars are conspiring against the planets--after all, they DO outnumber them. She is also afraid of dust, causing her to clean frantically; after all dust outnumbers Monsters. Strangely Inga is not afraid of grass, ants or paperclips.
Cynthia likes to give seminars about the high-pitched noise she can make. Even though she has a very small following—even after all these years—Cynthia does not want to disappoint her public by cancelling the next season’s tours. Cynthia is afraid of low frequencies, rice and desserts with the word ‘doodle’ in their names.

The website (www.timidmonsters.com) has 40 Monsters total posted so far with a few more waiting to go up. I am still working on processing photos for some of the themed Monsters and other miscellaneous things like magnets and keychains and whatnot. Work, work, work.

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