26 June 2010

Home again, home again.

Well, really, we got home last night. But I've been busy sleeping, gardening, unpacking and cleaning since then.

Vytas and I were in Maine this past week. We camped the first two nights at the Hermit Island Campgroud (oh my gosh I cannot recommend this place enough!), before heading up to Boothbay and eventually Bar Harbor. We had a great time sea kayaking--we saw and were followed by seals!--getting burnt to hell despite lots of sunblock, hiking about Acadia, and eating superbly fresh seafood.

But now we are home. And while it is nice to be home and able to see my garden flourishing and hear my cat be as complain-y as ever, it was amazing to be in Maine. Soonish I'll get the pictures up on Facebook and share a link here for anyone who may or may not be interested in the sights of Maine.

The next steps are to figure out our August schedule, work on wedding invitation designs so I can make matching save the dates, and then start registering for more shows!

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