27 October 2010

I just finished the "fall" season--I guess--of street fairs and have about a month and a half before the indoor "Christmas" season starts. So yay! I get a break! That also means I get to make new Monsters, new OOAK Monsters, and new themed ones. Even though it will be well past Halloween, I think I might try my hand at the suggested Gill Man and Dracula. I also want to do a grey-scale Charlie Chaplin and perhaps a corn Monster.

In my time off, I also hope to move Monster making back into my art room. This will require a severe and lengthy cleaning and reorganizing operation that so far has been dreaded and faced with delays.

In the immediate future, however, I have a commission this week for a Jack Skellington Timid Monster, which I am rather excited about. I may even do more than one and post the other(s) for sale. It might lead to a Sally Monster as well. Maybe. I'm still undecided as of yet.

Also? In the meantime? Continuing words? I should just make this the second paragraph. Here is a list of names I want to try to use in the next round of new Timid Monsters: Ugra, Munch, Durwood, Livingston and Lucy, who will be a boy that runs an air-guitar sales and repair shop. If you have any name suggestions, let me know! But keep in mind that while I do have a fair number of common names, I am more partial to the uncommon and/or unexpected.

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