17 December 2010

Changes and December Monsters

For the past while I've been mostly ignoring my blog. I felt it was direction-less and a place I came to whine. I hope to change this. As you can see I've already made changes to its appearance. I've also dabbled in the new dark magics of adding pages. OooOoohh.....

Also for the past while, I've been creating a number of new Monsters to post per month. While this number has ranged from as few as two to as many as 28, I've decided I should aim for an average of five. I should mention, however, that with the addition of so many new Monsters per month, some older Timid Monsters are going to be discontinued.

This is in large part because I've made so of certain ones and because I'm just so damned tired of making others. Not yet discontinued but among the first to go are Sinclair, Kade, Tyler, and Malcolm. Emma will probably closely follow. Who gets discontinued and when will not follow any particular trend or pattern, but rather will be based on whims and fancies; though, I will try to give some advance notice for those who direly need to own one, but have been putting the purchase off.

December has (maybe that should be had since it is already mostly over) four new Timid Monsters. And here they are now.
Chadwick the Timid Monster loves tennis foursomes, happy hours, and yachting. His best game of golf is a 490, and he thinks snifters of brandy are only for real men. Chadwick is afraid of pen caps without pens, falling down an elevator shaft, and getting kicked out of the Club.
Dale the Timid Monster is very indecisive. He has trouble deciding on everything from which socks he should have for breakfast to what he should do with his excess centipedes. Dale is afraid that one day he will have no more choices to be indecisive about. He is also afraid of minestrone soup.
Kenneth knows cars. He's been around them all his life--what with the carburetors and spark plugs and license plates and urinals. His favorite hobbies include braiding the fur on grizzly bears and collecting letter openers. Kenneth is afraid of limes, keyholes and biscuits.
Theodore the Timid Monster has a collection of clothing price tags that he likes to file according to brand. He also has a database that allows him to cross-reference each tag by color, pricing and size. Theodore has few fears although matches, lighters and other inflamatory devices make him fear for his collection.

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  1. Oooh! I like them all, but Dale is really a neat creation!


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