20 January 2011

Judith the (OoaK) Timid Monster

Judith the Timid Monster runs a balloon animal petting zoo. She is worried about its future success, however. It seems her animals are so shy and timid, that when she approaches them, they run away faster than she can say butternut buffalo brains, leaving behind only their rubbery droppings and never returning.

Judith is a OOAK (one of a kind) Timid Monster. She was hand sculpted like all the rest, but unlike the regular Timid Monsters, she is not part of a series. Also, I broke out the grey paint for this one and now really like her horns.

She is posted in my Etsy shop until I figure out the logistics of having OOAK Monsters on both my Etsy and Timid Monster website. I think I will just need to alternate where new ones are posted? I think that is better than hoping they don't both sell during the same away-from-my-computer time.

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