14 March 2011

Etsy Finds

I got a rather big surprise yesterday, the 13th (which, by-the-by, is still my today). Sinclair was featured in an Etsy Finds email. My Etsy shop received a staggering 873 visits in one day. Woo!
To put that 873 visits into perspective a bit, I average between 25 and 40 visits a day. During peak seasons--Christmas shopping season, for instance--I average between 50 and 70 visits a day. 873. In a day. Unless being in Etsy Finds becomes a regular thing, I'm pretty sure nothing will come close to that number any time soon.

And mostly it is funny because a few weeks ago I commented to a friend that the only reason I stay subscribed to the Etsy Finds email is because I hope to one day see a Timid Monster in it!

And BAM! It happened. I was pretty really excited. By a lot.


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