30 April 2011

Sunday! SunDay! SUNDAY!

It might be that we have NetFlix instead of real television and that even before we canceled cable, we stayed away from local channels and dwelt primarily in Discovery and History International, but I haven't seen a "Sunday! SUNday! SUNDAY!" monster truck rally commercial in years. I'd be willing to say since at least junior high. Do they no longer have monster truck rallies on Sunday? Did they find a better way to advertise them? Or do they just no long have monster truck rallies?

Ok, enough tangent-ing. This Sunday marks the start of the spring 2011 outdoor art/craft street fair season for me. I will be in Summit, New Jersey on 1 May from 11a to 5p.

Next weekend I am registered for Cranford, New Jersey, and I'm thinking about adding Woodbridge, New Jersey.

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