16 May 2011

Timid Monsters on Google

Every once in a while I will Google "Timid Monsters" just to see what will come up. Sometimes I will Google a specific Monster to see if the results are wildly different.

I recently started an ArtFire account which has the option to allow all products to feed into the Google Merchant Center and allows them to be found in Google Shopper. Having no idea what this means but allowing it anyway--hey, at the very least it sounds like super awesome extra exposure--I decided today, my fourth day into ArtFire, would be a good day to Google "Elwin the Timid Monster."

The search results did not come up with the awkward bit in the middle of the first page of results that shows places to buy your search query, which is what I thought would happen. This didn't happen again when I added "shop" to the beginning of my search. So now I'm really not sure of the ArtFire Google option.

However, I did find this blog: Into the Wilds of New Jersey  She talks all about Timid Monsters and had photos from the Hackettstown fair. How cool is that? I am only disappointed that no one apparently wanted to win a free Timid Monster. I guessed. I wonder if I'll win. Awww. I read ahead. the contest is over and no one guessed Kamela. I might have guessed that one, but I wasn't sure if that one even existed at the time of the Hackettstown fair. Well, go click her blog anyway. It is fairly amusing.

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