10 June 2011


I've been meaning to get a new entry in for days now, but I am an awesome procrastinator. And even now I've been super-awesome. I started this at... let's see it last auto-saved at 4.50p. It is now 2.26a.

So just quickly and mostly to get myself writing again, here are just a few notes. 
  • The Metuchen street fair was awesome; thanks to everyone who came out.
  • This weekend I have a double-header of Westfield and Fair Lawn? Fanwood? I don't know why I can't keep them straight. I'll check this tomorrow and post the correct one.
  • Last weekend Stevie and a mutual friend from high school came out to see NYC for a long weekend.
  • We signed on a DJ for our wedding--yeah with 40some days to go. We pretty much rock at this procrastination thing.
  • I found out Sculpey is discontinuing SEVERAL key colors; I am still working to get enough of a last few colors to be able to hit 50 of each Monster made with them.
  • Um...  I think there was more, but I would have been asleep hours ago if not for a phone call from my sister, so instead of wracking my brain and trying to come up with more, I'm going to bed and will write something more substantial whenever I roll out of bed. I promise.
  • There will also be pictures.

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