17 June 2011

Keeping Busy

Alright, this is actually from a week or two ago. But, see? I do plan blog content. I just fail to actually blog and use that content.
That would be a pile of Sweet Potato orange in the background, some Noberts waiting for eyes in the middle, and a Lime green block that I'm about to cut up and make into Evans in the front.
I cut each bar into 16 squares. Each Monster--on average--uses three squares each. I'm not as precise as I would like to imagine when measuring out and cutting the clay blocks. Part of this is because I eyeball it, and part of it is because I use that super long and flexible blade.
 That little round black container on the back left corner of my tile is actually a 35mm film container. It is filled with rubbing alcohol and as you can see, there is a q-tip sticking out of it.

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