16 September 2011

More tree stump WIP photos and the finished thing

Covering the be-plastered cheesecloth was trickier than I would have thought. However, I think it was still easy compared to trying to cover the aluminium foil and wire armature.
 About when I realized the difficulty ahead.
Bark done, but not detailed. I did the bark and wood detailing next, leaving the fungus for last.
Fully covered, fully detailed and fully baked. All together it took 17 bars of various colored clay to make and is by far--to date--the largest thing I have ever sculpted.

EDIT: OoooOoohh. In looking over this post I discovered that along with the interface update, Blogger also updated its photo-viewing-clicking-stuff. So click a photo and a rather nice full sized version opens. Go ahead and try it.

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