28 September 2011

One of a Kind Wednesday!

Yeva the Timid Monster enjoys eating mashed crayons topped with eraser shavings. Her favorite flavor is cerulean because it is light and airy. Yeva is afraid this color will be discontinued due to lack of popularity with other crayon enthusiasts.

Yeva is a one of a kind Timid Monster and is currently still available at timidmonsters.com.

This Monster was fun to make, though a bit of a challenge. This particular bar of clay was rather typical in that it softened up while working with it but upon sitting it firmed up again. So, attaching the tentacles to the head was no problem. Keeping them separate while I put the spots on was no problem. Braiding them without cracking any parts of them off, that was a bit tricky. But I did it, and I love how Yeva turned out.

Now I must go see what my cat needs as she is plaintively pawing at my leg.

EDIT: I forgot that I was posting two OOAKs today.
Jeffity the Timid Monster is unimpressed. No. Don't waste your time continuing. He can't be bothered.

Jeffity sold at the Jersey City Festival two weeks ago. Hence the bonus-y nature of posting him today.

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