15 September 2011

Tree Stump WIP

I have been working on a new display rack to fit in at shows such as the Etsy Renegade Fair where the rule--based on pictures I've seen--seems to be form over function. So. One coffee can, some 16 gauge wire, a roll and a half of aluminium foil, and a great deal of plaster covered cheese cloth later... 

...I am nearly ready to finish it off with some Sculpey and bake it. And yes. That is World of Warcraft I'm playing on my monitor. It is a good thing that leveling healers with BOA gear in dungeons is a joke, or I'd never get any work done.

I was rather surprised to learn that my husband thought I was just being crazy when after days of trying to figure out how to get or make a tree stump I finally exclaimed that I needed a coffee tin.  You would think he'd be used to such things by now.

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