13 October 2011

emails and my stunted social skills

For everyone out there that doesn't *actually* know me, I really am quite awkward, have a hard time relating to others, and am generally not very good at social things. So help me out when you email me and include a little more substance than, "Hi, What about one named NOAH????????" Because if this is all you send me, it will take days for me to try to decide what you are REALLY on about and what an appropriate response would be. And by then, I might forget entirely about your email, never respond, and seem really quite rude.

Does this mean you are simply suggesting a name that you hope I get to in the foreseeable future? Is it an inarticulate request for a commission named Noah because you know someone named Noah and simply cannot go on without purchasing a Timid Monster that can claim him as a namesake? Or is it a cry for help to the outside world because your shift+? keys stick?

My instinct is to reply with, "Ok." And I know that is wrong. But I really am not sure what is correct.

EDIT: My friend and "business adviser" suggested, "I do not currently have a Timid Monster named Noah. If you would like to commission one, however, I would be glad to make you one." I felt silly for not being able to think of such an easy reply myself and promptly responded to the email with it.

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