01 November 2011

Update. Up-date. upDate.

Update is really a weird word when you say it too many times.

Anyway. Monster Mondays and One of a Kind Wednesdays have been a bit lacking. So here is the news that might fit as an excuse as to why.

I was in the end stages of a cold that my husband brought home from the grubby teenagers he teaches at work. And then while in the end stages, I had to vicariously battle off another cold he was trying to bring home.

I busted my right wrist. I have no idea how. Or why. I especially don't know why as it is actually pretty miserable to have a busted right wrist. But it hurts like a few choice expletives, and I've been wearing a bulky, but supportive, brace.

I've been tired. I know. I have very demanding days of getting up when I want, working as long as a I want, eating when I want and going to bed when I want. I blame the weather change.

My schedule has gone all backwards again. I mess up my days a bit w hen this happens. So really I need to go to post before going to bed. But then this is happening at like 4.30a and it gets buried behind everyone else's updates on social media sites. I decide to do it when I get up. Except when I get up, I have other things to do or decide I have to cook and clean and spend awake/home time with my husband and then it is going on 1a. So there's that.

We have company coming this week. Tomorrow in fact. And the past week or so has been an attempt at a mad dash to clean and get ready. And it is coinciding with the changing of the wardrobe and the bringing in of the plants. It doesn't help that we get all, "OMG, we needs to make the cleaning! OR! We could play WoW for the next eight hours." And with my wrist in the condition it is in, I would much rather heal or dps one-handed than clean.

So take your pick. Now before I publish this I'm going to browse my drive to find a picture to include so this post can be all dynamic like. And there it is.

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