24 February 2012

George the Timid Monster

George the Timid Monster is both a commission and a series. It all started with an email I received from George (not the Timid Monster).

I replied to his email with the following to clear a few things up:

Hey George,

This is a fantastic Timid Monster that you have designed; thanks so much for sending him to me! It's a good thing he likes to spend time outside on the beach and by volcanoes--he must LOVE Hawaii!--because there are so very few doors in these places. AND everyone knows beaches are the best places to play sand-basketball.

I would love to make George the Timid Monster, but I have a few questions first, just to make sure I get it right. Do you want him to be a one-of-a-kind Timid Monster made only just for you? Or would you like me to make him as a series the way I make most other Timid Monsters? Also, does he have three horns? Or are the parts on the sides ears? or arms? or flippers? Not all of my Timid Monsters have three horns. Some do have flippers, ears and/or arms, so I want to make sure to do it correctly!

He countered with:

I think it would be great if you made a  series of George monsters so other people can have the opportunity to have one too.  I designed him t have a purple tail to match his body, 3 green horns and 2 black spots on his back. 

And voila! I present George the Timid Monster! 
George dreams of being a professional beach-basketball playing saxophonist. For this reason, he spends most of his time at the beach and near inactive volcanoes practicing. He is terrified of doorknobs, doorbells, doormen, and doors. The only thing that terrifies him more than doors and door related items are pink candles. Luckily, they no longer light night games with pink candles, but rather play by the light of molten lava.

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