08 May 2012

(Co-pilot) Desk

 This is currently my desk. Because this is currently my desk, all sculpting and work for this past weekend was done on one of my folding tables in the living room.
This is currently my co-pilot desk. It is where my friend sits when she visits, and where I do extraneous things like shoot Monster photos for posting when she is not visiting. Because this is currently my co-pilot desk, I have not been able to shoot any real photos of the new Timid Monsters.

Hopefully, this situation will be remedied in a timely fashion. However, this was a quick view of just my desks. My art room, while not quite so intimidating, is well on its way to mirroring them.
When there is space again, I will take pictures again, and new Monsters will be posted again.
The good news is WoW is down for maintenance today.

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