15 January 2009

I'm lazy and stole this from my livejournal.

It has been a while. A long while. I left RRCC successfully, moved to New Jersey with Vytas in August, and am still currently unemployed.

That's a lie. I am (a bit less than) gainfully self-employed. My business? Haha! Trick question. The answer is my businesses! http://www.trishczech.etsy.com/ and http://www.photosbyvytsandtrish.etsy.com/. And I've decided to continue my bouts of "really?" moments--only this time from real life and not so much from the office--while shamelessly promoting my shops and wares. Woo!

So read my journal http://www.trupinys.livejournal.com/, visit my deviantart account http://trupinys.deviantart.com/ and my etsy shops, and pass me along to all your friends and family. Now.

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