26 January 2009

Just because I've missed updating

does not mean I haven't been posting new merchandise or making new things. I'm nearly done with a new scarf with a whimsy pattern--well not all that whimsical. And while watching half of season four of Sopranos, I've finished half of an afghan! Go me!

Here are some new things I posted to Etsy and DeviantArt this weekend that I failed to post on Blogger. All are available at http://www.trishczech.etsy.com/.

First is the wire and clay tree. This is the first tree I've used beads on. I'm a little meh-ed about the general shape of this tree. It feels too stiff compared to other ones I have done.

Next is the second in an open edition of Valentine's Timid Monsters. Seasonal Monsters do not come with a story, but they do come initialed, dated, and numbered.

And whenever I do specialty Monsters I feel the urge to make minis! And so I did! Here is the mini Valentine's Timid Monster; he does not come with accessories.

Finally, there is Wallace the Timid Monster likes to shave minnows and empty teabags. His favorite foods include licorice, tripe, and mustard--especially when mixed together in a salad. Wallace is terrified of spiral-sliced ham

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