26 January 2009

Two Timid Monsters,

and a parsnip in a plum tree! That is how it goes, isn't it? It's not? Oh. How embarrassing. Well here we go again! Two new Timid Monsters are up for sale at my Etsy shop. I may or may not post more things later. I have yet to decide. But for now, here they are.

Felix enjoys questioning things and worrying about their possible answers. He also likes to spike vinegar, salt kool-aid, and practice mincing socks. Felix is afraid of primroses, lunchboxes, and steel flooring. For sale at [link]
Jill the Timid Monster does not like to fill perch with maple syrup, answer the phone in a silly voice, or shampoo the squirrels. She does like playing Monopoly, popping bubble wrap, and eating string cheese. Jill is mostly not afraid of bumbled bees, lazy rabbits, salads, and mirrors. For sale at [link]

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