18 January 2009

Two projects that are nearly done.

I am currently crocheting a maroon/wine colored shawl that I think I am going to keep. It is my first one, and it's kind of lacey-esque, and it's coming out well enough for me to wear. And the yarn I chose is a bit odd. I originally though it was a bit chenille, but once I started working with it, I realized it was more like terry-cloth and strange. So that is another reason to not put it up for sale. Either way I'll post a picture for show.

Also in arting news, I am nearly done with another clay and wire tree. The wire's been twisted; the trunk has been clayed; the whole thing has been baked. I just need to add a spot of paint here and there for a more subtle brown. Then I will photograph it and post it for sale. And cross my fingers.

One similar to it sold in December, but not because I posted it for sale. Rather, because I used it as a prop in a Halloween Monster photo shoot and a buyer asked if she could also buy the tree in the background. I said sure and mailed it off.

Well, that is it for now. I am still working out things such as "features" from etsy and trying to figure out how to get the little button that says "I took the handmade pledge"--or something to that effect--to show up on the blog.

Here is today's new item and then I am out until tomorrow.

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