28 January 2009

Valentine's Monsters!

Ok, so Sinclair was a hot pink Timid Monster with an eyepatch and arms. He was holding his eyeball. He sold pretty quickly as he was adorable. He was also mostly Vytas's idea. I had done Monsters with eyepatches and Monsters with arms, but never a Monster holding anything.

Well, these new Monsters are mostly his idea as well. He said I should have the Monsters holding their hearts (instead of their eyes) and have little Frankenstein stitches on their chests. So here are the results.

Unfortunately I broke the purple one and in repairing it, I got superglue all down its backside and it looks to scuzzy to sell. The other two are available at http://www.trishczech.etsy.com/

Also, after doing a few holding their hearts, I decided to do one holding a rose. A red rose. A blue Monster with a red rose. Which of course led to:

Roses are red, Monsters are Blue, this Timid Monster is in love with you.

He is also available at http://www.trishczech.etsy.com/

I plan on making more rose Monsters and Heart Monsters. I hope they sell well before Valentine's. I only wish I had thought of them sooner. Or rather, I suppose, that Vytas had. :/

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