26 February 2009

Blog vs LiveJournal

Sad to say the blog is winning. Stevie suggested that I make my blog more Live Journal-ish in the sort of posts I make while continuing to feature new items from my Etsy shop there. Then just do a feed from the Blog to the Live Journal and just let everything be doubled. This is a great idea except I haven't the foggiest idea of how to do such a thing.

Anyway the Timid Monsters have been being posted like crazy, which is rather usual. I've been aiming for five a day and have probably actually be averaging closer to three a day. I found some jewelry I did forever ago and never photographed/posted so that will be happening over the next few days probably. Also! Wait what was also? Oh I did a bunch of tiny black cats with tinier green eyes that I'm still waiting to post to Etsy. I'm having trouble taking their pictures without them just looking like black smeary shapes against a white background. Any suggestions?

I also want to paint/draw/real art more but keep putting it off because I feel that I am too out of practice. I have definitely regressed as I once again find blank pages--of any size, mind you--rather intimidating. *sigh* I had worked myself up to only larger sized canvases being intimidating. Now even ATC cards make me go pale and put down the pen. I know I just need to do it and mess up and do it again and such. And I will. I just have other things on my plate right now.

My sister gave me a quilt square to decorate (it's blank and white--EEK!) for a baby quilt that is being made for her future sister-in-law (? It is her fiancee's brother's wife.... so her future brother-in-law's wife, making her?), because she isn't "crafty," as she put it. I have no real ideas of what to do for it or what to use on it.

I thought about just markering it up like my mom did for a First Communion quilt square. Only that covered an altar for a day and didn't need washing and such. A baby quilt will and I dont' want my sister's square to be the only one that fades over time. Then I have this cute little patch/applique set I bought forever ago that are little gooses, but they have pink bows, and they don't know what they are having. I have considered using embroidery floss to just make the outline(s) of something (maybe a baby carriage something like this http://www.kaleidocakes.com/cakes/newbaby.png), but 1) if it is complex will people be able to tell what it is just from thin outlines?, and 2) I have never done anything even remotely like this, will I be able to? So again, any suggestions? I have to have it done and mailed in before March 20th.

I also have a Timid Monster commission that I am excited about, despite the fact that I keep delaying doing it. It is for a three inch tall Monster (which is rather large) dressed in a robe and white wig like a British lawyer and holding a steno pad in one arm/hand and a briefcase in the other. I suppose I'm not really delaying, but rather planning how I am going to pull this off. A dressed, be-armed Monster has never even been attempted. And a powered wig! I am probably most excited about that and have been thinking of various techniques I could use to make it. I have also been trying to determine which of these will not work before I begin working on him.

Lastly, I got a new shipment of boxes in for the shipping of items! I ordered 200 this time since the last order of 100 went much faster than I had anticipated. So that is exciting. It means people are buying lots of things. Keep it up! And, as always, thanks!!

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  1. Re the photos maybe wait till the morning and then photograph in natural light on the macro setting and see if that's any better...yes re quilt, I'd go for something really simple...what about an easily identifiable shape like a heart...


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