26 February 2009

Nate wants to be a mechanical engineer. However, he is afrain of wrenches, grease, and chimpanzees. To cope with his faile dream, Nate spends much of his time mismatching people's socks and hiding their shoelaces. For sale at [link] Thanks.
Andrew imagines himself to be a rebel without a cause. There is no reason, afterall, for him to add pickle juice to perfume, or listerine to juice, or mayonnaise to hand lotion. Andrew is terrified by the idea that polar bears are running out of space and will coming to a neighborhood near him to hunt. For sale at [link] Thanks.

Marjorie likes to dip Funyons in chocolate frosting, celebrate with cake, and use potholders as mittens. She does not like when she is walking and trips over nothing and everyone sees; that is soooo embarrassing! Marjorie is afraid of diced tomatoes, anything au gratin, and spray bottles. For sale at [link] Thanks.
Kurt the Timid Monster rejoices when it rains, and is downright ecstatic when it pours; his favorite activity is scuba diving in puddles. Besides puddle diving, Kurt also enjoys leftover ham and cheese sandwiches, roasting sardines, and peeling window clings off of windows. For sale at [link] Thanks.

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