25 February 2009

Not as productive as I wanted to be

I have this cat, Cookie. She has come to live with me and Vytas here in New Jersey. Cookie is pretty old. I got her as a kitten when I was in third grade; I am now 24. The only indication of her age is her occasional incontinence while she is sleeping. Only it is impossible to know when this is, because for some amount of years she has taken to peeing outside of her litterbox when she is really angry with me. These two very different situations make disciplining her nearly impossible without actually catching her in the act.

So very early this afternoon she was either asleep on the futon and let loose or very mad at me. It wasted my entire day for the most part, as I had to take the covers off the futon cushions, wash the cushions in the tub with bleach, then soak/rinse the covers in the tub with bleach, during which time I realized that it got on an afghan from Vytas's mother. I soaked the afghan with vinegar (it actually helps neutralize the odor of cat urine), and then packed up the covers and afghan in my little old lady push cart to go to the laundromat. Which, per usual, took forever. But is well worth have clean and sanitized futon parts which do not smell like cat pee.

Now I am home, eating frantically fast while posting in a like manner. Instead of multiple items being posted, I am settling for one. I need to shower and get ready quick as I still need to run to the post office before we stop for wine and head to our dinner party at 7:30p. Which in order to get to on time, requires us to leave our neighborhood by no later than 6p. It is 4:40p.

So! without further ado, here is today's one new item. A Timid Monster. Big surprise. Enjoy. (Especially now that you've listened to me complain about my aging cat).

Elwin wants to be a spy. He thinks he has all the qualificatios to be one; his eye lets him see around corners and into tight spaces; his fins allow him to take a nautical approach to reach his target; a tooth like his demands respect. Elwin is afraid, however, that he will become a pawn in a hostile power struggle over the last donut in the cupboard. For sale at [link] Thanks.

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