24 February 2009

New Monsters - again

Tasha loves to collect dimes, steal toothpaste caps, and potato chips that look like states. Minced onions sauteed in vanilla extract is her favorite meal. Tasha is terrified of soybeans, gingerbread, and shoelaces.
Heather likes to pet flies and catepillars now that she has learned to do so without skewering them. She ofter imagines she is an insect as well and spends much of her time digging in dirt, eating leaves, and playing hopskotch. Heather is afraid of winter, turnstiles, harpsichords.

Liam does not like to eat in front of other Monsters; it makes him nervous. He also does not like the sound of the doorbell or the neighbor's dog. Liam does like filling the squares of crossword puzzles with tiny drawings of historic landmarks.

Enid does not like answering questions about her horns. Yes, she has six. No, she didn't plan it that way. No, neither of her parents have six horns. Yes, they are all real. Most of the other Monsters try not to stare or let on how jealous they are of her.

Carmine the Timid Monster is afraid of people under his bed, lingerie, and oranges. He does not like clovers, sheep, or fishes. He does like chocolates and bonbons. Carmine loves flowers and perfume and poetry.

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