20 February 2009

Timid Monsters

Carter often fantasizes about being a ballerina. He can just see the satin point shoes, the standing ovations, the tossed roses, the free chocolate milk for life. When he is not fantasizing, he often practices his bows and rose catching ability. Carter is afraid of giraffes, potatoes, and roses getting stuck in the disposal. For sale at [link]

Carol does little to please other Monsters. She figures that the best way to live life, is for yourself. This in mind, she spends much of her time pruning tulips, carving icecubes into smaller cubes, and stealing toothbrushes. Carol is afraid of lamps, things in the junk drawer, and lymphnodes. For sale at [link]

Gene does not like to eat erasers without barbecue sauce. He also does not like to wear women's nylons, but sometimes the occasion calls for it. Gene is afraid of aliens gestating in vegetables, mirrors that do not reflect and limeade. For sale at [link]

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