19 February 2009

Today's Monsters

Manfred likes to make cough syrup smoothies for his sick friends. He also enjoys carving tiny boomerangs out of lemon rinds. His least favorite meal is dry cereal in cottage cheese. Manfred is afraid of gumdrops, feathers, and doing things without permission.For sale at [link]

Regina's biggest fear if of hosting a taco dinner party and running out of powdered sugar before dinner is over. She is also afraid of lemon zesters, earrings, and laundry detergent. Regina spends much of her time knitting socks for lobsters and other crustaceons.

Ronald likes to hide ice skates in trees and put onions in socks. His favorite food is fried strawberries smothered in tartar sauce. Lately, he has become increasingly uncomfortable around millipedes. Ronald claims he is afraid of nothing, but other Monsters have seen him shriek at the sight of hard candies, wilted tulips, and moths.

Adam likes to collect women's shoes. He also has extensive collections of belly-button lint, hymnals, and expired aspirin. Spray-painting grout is one of his favorite passtimes. Adam does not like to admit it, but he is afraid of dustmites, antelopes, and melon-ballers.

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  1. Love the little stories you come up with for your monsters...


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