12 March 2009

Isaac likes to sit on grapes while braiding twist ties. He also enjoys gluing fallen leaves back onto trees; unfortunately he can only reach the very base of the trunk. Isaac can be a little intimidated around linguine and vermicelli. For sale at [link]
April doesn't understand what flower may or may not do if they are properly bathed. She also doesn't understand color theory or lima beans. Her favorite pastime is sanding those pesky bumbs off of Legos. April is afraid of raw meat, sand witches and olive oil.For sale at [link]

Herber the Timid Monster thinks he is much larger than he actually is and often attempts to wrestle katydids and move large rocks. The other Monsters usually have to build up his ego again after each crushing failure, and frankly, they think someone needs to inform him of his small stature. For sale at [link]

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