12 March 2009

Trapped Monsters

About a week ago I had this idea to make "jarred" Timid Monsters, as in, "Look! I caught you a Monster!" And I would give them a bit of dirt and (fake) grass and nature and such, rather like children are wont to do when they catch insects.

I just finished one--well nearly--and it is so cute I don't want to sell it! That and like a dip, I made the front have the lettering so you kind of have to look in weird to see it. But I am waiting for it all to dry, as glue was involved, to make sure everything is secure and not going to wobble about. Then I need to decide whether to permanently afix the Monster into his new habitat or if it would be beter if people could take him out to play or even swap with other Monsters.

Here is a VERY fast photo of it on some books on my desk near the Kakashi plushie that Stevie made me! That was a lot of modifiers.
I will take better, posting-for-sale quality pictures later when I am sure it is complete. But overall I am very excited and pleased with this latest idea!

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