10 March 2009

Monsters are back! I have lots more than this to post. They will be popping up over the next couple of days. Many of them are new themed/special occasion Monsters.

Whether you go out partying or stay in eating corn beef and cabbage on St. Patrick's day, you will be sure to appreciate this green toasting Monster complete with wood-style beer stein.For sale at [link]
Corey often wishes he were braver; if he were, he would run through puddles, smell flowers, and befriend ants. However, since he is not brave, Corey spends much of his time saturating cat food with mayonnaise, hiding in plants and eating oranges. For sale at [link]

Mikey the Timid Monster is brave for his size. Most Monsters agree that if they were that little, they would never play with push-pins or waltz on the windowsill or feed cats. In fact the only thing Mikey seems to be afraid of is aluminium foil. For sale at [link]

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