08 March 2009

Bear Mountain

Here are some of the pictures I took Saturday of things growing on the scenery. I believe most of it falls into moss/fungus/lichen categories, but as I have not yet attempted to identify any of it and am no expert, perhaps my guess is very far off. If anyone is an expert, it would save me the eventually leg work of identifying things. *hinthint*

While it does much look like it, these first two photographs are different. The top one was more berber carpet like, while the one on the bottom reminded me of a lakeweed that grows with starburst shoots out of the previous starburst shoots.

The next one was growing on many of the live trees. I thought the little cornflake shapes looked rather delicate and dainty.

The type of moss below either grew or harbored that crazy purple bit that is in the forgound of the picture.

This was a pretty orange fungi growing on a fallen branch. I like the picture on the bottom more, but feel the picture on the top lets you see the shapes and colors better.

I liked this fungi (again... is it really? I think so but...) the best. It looked like bunches of months gathered on the bark. Each flake was smaller than my thumbnail and rather elaborately colored.
I took a lot more, but I like these best (and sorry my captions were a bit all over the place).
The next post will probably be of some of Vytas's photographs (just because they are going to be in the print shop which I run for us and I want as much exposure for them as I can muster).

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