08 March 2009

Yesterday I got up rather early considering it's me and it was Saturday. I say this in case you didn't note the time of day my blog update was posted; it was approximately ridiculous o'clock in the morning. But don't worry I fixed it. I slept till a bit before noon today.

Anyway, yesterday after posting I woke Vyts up to make him go with to find a Joann's and/or a Michael's. We had been in New Jersey for seven months and had yet to find a satisfactory crafting store to pick up those random necessities* that wasn't more than an hour away or required an $8.00 toll to get to. I'm talking to you Staten Island Michael's and Joann's!

So to help coax him out of bed at this early hour I promised we could do something outdoorsy after we went on this shopping expedition. It is not that I do no like outdoorsy things, I just get complainy very easily about being cold, hungry, allergy, tired, ill-prepared for his impromptu jaunts**, etc. I was thinking more romps through Central Park, the entirety of which we have yet to see despite our many trips. He decided Bear Mountain State Park in New York. A little more all-day, time-consuming, but alright I was going to get supplies.

The trip was wildly successful as we found a Michael's that wasn't crap and a Joann's that likewise didn't suck** all in one parking lot. We also ended up finding an area with lots of the stores we never go to simply because 1) we don't really have the need and 2) we didnt' really know where they were. AND I found a Pearl, but we didn't stop. Sad news. Definitely next time. It will save me the Light Rail to the Path to the NY Subway to Dick Blick in New York trip where I feel bad buying much to have carry home on crowded public transport.****

The trip to the woods was rather fun. It was warm and mostly sunny, and I had packed random foods that could travel into a Stop and Shop thermal bag. We took a lot of pictures--Vytas mostly of the scenery, me mostly of the things growing on the scenery. It makes shooting on one camera when we go places easier since our taste in things to photograph varies so greatly. We always know who shot what.

He is supposed to be processing the photos now so I can post them about places. Who knows, the print shop might actually be updated! At the very least I will post some photographs to this and on DA.

Well I must go work on the quilt square for my sister that I have yet to do. I may or may not post things today. It depends on if I have time to make Monsters between the quilt square, cleaning my desk off (AGAIN!), Crossing Animals (I do NOT have a problem), WoWing with Stevie (I'm sure that is inevitable), and... oh yeah! the adult stuff of laundry and grocery shopping.

*i.e. clay, mason jars, felt, and clearance bin stuff, just to name a few things

**He often decides spur of the moment--on like Christmas day when we are all dressed up and I'm in a skirt and heels and it is COLD--that we should all go for a walk in the woods. Ill-prepared, AHOY!

***Previous Michael's and Joann's we've found have had about three items in stock and had taken about an hour to get to.

****Like when I went to the Blick canvas sale in the fall and left with more than 25 prestretched canvases a jug of Golden Medium, and a roll of kraft paper.

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