07 March 2009

I have had this blanket done for more than a month--nearly more than two months--and have been debating whether to post it for sale or keep it as a gift for someone. Because it is getting warmer, and the thought of giving warm-weather blankets upsets me, I have decided to try to quickly post and sell it. Although if it sells as well as my other crocheted items, I'm sure there will be nothing quick about it. Heh.

It was crocheted while watching the second half of Sopranos Season 4 on DVD. It measures approximately 46" by 66" and is a bit smaller than the 3-4 people afghans I'm notorious for making/gifting. Still, it would be perfect for cuddling up with a cup of cocoa, a good book, or Season 5 of Sopranos. Just kidding. I've already finished watching all the Seasons.

To see more pictures--because I'm feeling lazy-ish at the moment--I have some more posted on the Etsy listing. http://www.etsy.com/view_listing.php?listing_id=21963477


  1. That's beautiful...and so inexpensive...

  2. Thanks. I figured if I have trouble selling scarves and such for $12-15, I better not post this blanket for very much if I hope to sell it. We'll see what happens, I guess.


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