06 March 2009

Things not for sale

Sad news bears! I'm actually posting things not for sale. I was cleaning out computer folders in a futile attempt to keep photo files more organized on my computer and found these pendants I made around Christmas-time as gifts for friends and family. I thought I'd share them here to give a break from all the Timid Monsters I post. And because I think they are pretty. And because I might not have any new items to post today. But mostly because I think they are pretty.

I am not sure I will make them in the future for sale or not. Mostly because I bought a pair of earrings for Vytas's mom from Paradise Hill Design (http://www.etsy.com/shop.php?user_id=92493) on Etsy, and I fell in love with the idea of wood burnt jewelry and wanted to try making some. While they use found wood from old barn buildings, I have no delapidated barns on hand and used the remains of a bit of craft wood I had--not the super thin balsa, but rather the thicker balsa plywood-esque wood.

I feel bad making more to sell (which is one of the reasons I gave these away) because really, if you want them, you should go get them from Paradise Hill Design because they are a fantastic shop and these were very heavily inspired by them--especially the first two. Even the packaging was amazing. They arrived wrapped in cloth tied with yarn and on a wooden earring holder thing, rather like the plastic/cardstock ones at real stores only made of wood and a bit bigger.

Maybe one day when I am too uninspired to make Monsters I will get another bit of wood and play around with my own designs to sell.

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