05 March 2009

Connor likes to boil cucumber seeds in vinegar until they dissolve; but even that does not compare to the fun to be had with the leftover vinegar. Connor likes to mix it into shampoo, pour it over snow and even drink it! Connor gets a little timid around fruit flies, minced carp, and complex interfaces.
Bud does not like toasters, french fried potatos, or dice. He hates insects, orange peelers, and bananas. His least favorite food is cured ham steak. He cannot stand walking the grasshopper, slicing mayonnaise, or powdering the fruit. The only thing that Bud enjoys is cuddling.
Merryl the Timid Monster can often be found picking wildflowers, filling boots with jam, or lassoing pidgeons. He is a Monster of little words, causing the others to believe him to be very wise. Merryl is afraid that one day he'll say too much.
Doris the Timid Monster enjoys spying on squirells and digging up their buried acorns. She then paints faces on the acorns and reburies them. Later, while she is spying she videotapes the looks of alarm when the squirrels dig up the nuts. Doris then makes video montages of surprised squirrels.
All four are available at www.trishczech.etsy.com --per usual.

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