04 March 2009

British Lawyer Timid Monster -- A large variety of views and details

I thought the back side of the steno-pad looked more interesting to photograph.

The briefcase "hinges" and my signature and dating.

LOOK! There are "latches" and stitching in the corners of this "leather" briefcase!
His hair/wig from the side/back.

British lawyer sans the steno-pad,
and British lawyer with the steno-pad--both taken with the flash.

This one is taken without the flash. Look! You can totally see his feets and the briefcase hinges!

Unfortunately in the pictures taken after he was baked, the folds in his robe don't show up as well because the clay becomes more matte. So if you would like to see them again, go look at the making of the Monster. The back of the robe has some pleating, kind of what you expect from a men's dress-shirt but not, if that makes any sense whatsoever.

I hope that my buyer likes it even half as much as I do!
I am so bummed that Vytas is chaperoning a high school retreat all week and probably won't be able to him before he is shipped. This is part of the reason I took such an ungodly amount of photographs.

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