20 March 2009

Susy was just reposted today. This is her third time being posted. It will also be her last. She is one of the original 10 or so Timid Monsters I ever made. This is your last chance to own what might be the last of the originals. I would need to double check, but I'm pretty sure she is all that is left now that I've decided to keep the very first since he was up for his fourth reposting.
Susy sometimes acts like the mother of the Timid Monsters. Often she can be found making roast beef and sardine sandwiches with the crusts cut off, sewing buttons to socks, and making the beds with all the blankets and sheets tucked under the mattresses. She dislikes lime jello, sticky floors at movie theatres, and medication adverts on the telly.
Carlton the Timid Monster didn't listen to warnings. He didn't believe that diving head first into a shallow pool of pickle juice might be a bad idea. Now his peers laugh at him, children point and stare, girls won't date him. All this because he broke his horn off on the bottom of the pool.
Ona cannot touch her tongue to her tail. Nor can she stand on one foot while spinning in a circle. To make up for these short-comings, Ona practices holding her breath while gluing corn flakes to door handles. Ona is afraid of spearmint and juices from concentrate.
Fergus insists he was once a bottle of glue, but because he was good, he was reincarnated as a higher life form--a Timid Monster. The other don't believe that he remembers gluing quills to porcupines or scales to fish. No Monster would ever be that brave. Fergus won't admit it, but he is indeed afraid of quills and scales, as well as toothpicks, pebbles and incense.

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